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Behind MEXA’s recent success is the dual roles played by the label owners, Louie Fresco and Alexx Rubio. For the label’s latest outing, it’s Rubio himself who takes the reins, as he teams up with Mr.Fresco for a release that’s typical of the label: different, intriguing, eclectic and stunning from the first beat to the last.

It’s the majestic title-track that opens the EP, with its varied synths and its washy pads stirring up a track that joins the dots between home and club listening with distinction. A real tightrope walker, its straddles the genres but keeps our attention firmly intact thanks to its many unlikely tones – with even an electric guitar finding favour.

The first of three remixes arrives thanks to German producer Marc Poppcke. Poppcke opts for a different approach, with an intense range of percussion and a muffled, almost convoluted bassline among its prime moments. Daring but effective - it’s indicative of Poppcke at his most devastating.

Maher Daniel (another producer who’s really come to prominence of late), lets the drums do the talking on his off-kilter remix, before Nicola Cruz leads us on a late-night journey down the rabbit hole that’s filled with hypnotic melodies, whirling melodies and a multilayered vocal that breathes a tangible human edge into the track. It’s gorgeous stuff – and a fitting finale to a truly spectacular effort.

Va - Compilado LOCAL # 02

El objetivo de Local MX fue claro desde el comienzo: construir canales por medio de los cuales generar mayor repercusión para la nueva escena mexicana de música house y estilos aledaños.
Paso un año desde la publicación de “Compilado LOCAL # 01”, y realmente el rebote que tuvo ese disco en el público nos sorprendió. La edición en CD se nos escapó de entre las manos. Esos discos se distribuyeron de forma gratuita en eventos en distintos puntos del país con una velocidad que dio vértigo. La edición online ha tenido mas de 26000 escuchas y 6500 descargas.
Sabemos que Local MX es una partecita de un gran organismo que en poco tiempo ha demostrado buena salud, ya que varios de los artistas que formaron parte de ese primer intento hoy están completamente en otra situación, con participación crucial en sellos, clubes y festivales de distintas partes del mundo. Y eso tiene que ver con un avance claro en lo compositivo / sonoro. Con la evolución de su talento.
Estos músicos han crecido, manejan al 100% su propio lenguaje, y ahora van por más.
Por eso, el lanzamiento de “Compilado LOCAL # 02” es algo lógico y más que justificado. Es una segunda vuelta que busca reflejar y dejar plasmado en una imagen sonora el momento que transita la escena a nivel nacional.
Pablo Britos – Nov del 2013

NEW PREVIEW!!! This is only the third track of Nicola’s EP for MEXA Records. Keep an eye out for the other two tracks which will be uploaded soon. Dark Dancefloor Stuff!!!

The summer is still heating up and what better way to keep heating up the dance floor than by introducing the newest members of our growing family with their first of many singles and sharing them with all of you.

For our first ever MEXA Records “Xummer Xampler” we decided to showcase some of the best talent from our country (Louie Fresco, Nobody Knows, Bastard Love, Betoko, Rafa Navajas, Jaen Paniagua, etc) plus some amazing additions from all over the world (Spacebyrdz, Justin Baulè, Forrest, Corey Baker, Rebel, FreakMe, DJ Glen, Moonwalk, etc).

Here in this first addition to the series you will find some gems for that magical moment where the sun is setting down, while at the same time we added some nasty and dark tunes for the later hours of the night.

We hope you enjoy this first volume. You will hear more about this artists on MEXA Records, and there will be more additions to this series too. Enjoy!



Adriatique: “thx, gonna try some.”

Ahmed Sisman: “Baked Fresh is super! Overall very nice VA!!!”

Bernardo Campos: “Huge line up! 100% support”

Butch: “thx you”

Dan Styles: “great package… betoko, and louie fresco my favs!”

Doctor Dru: “Mexicooo! Muchas gracias ! great collection of your talents. appreciate& c u soo, cheers dru”

Flavio Acaron: “Very awesome hard to pick one. Full support.”

Francys: “some nice sweeties here! cool pack!”

Deep’art: “Very strong release didnt expect anything less from this ever growing label…..MEXA!!!!”

Habischman: “Nice package, will try them for sure :) Forrest & Dj Glen are interesting Stuff!”

Jonny Cruz: “viva Mexa!!!!!! solid release guys! full support”

Lee M Kelsall: “Love so many on this compilation….Jaen Paniagua Moonwalk, Rafa Navajas and Climbers are my favourites”

Matt Fear: “Mega package!!!!!”

Michelle Samtoy (Lovelife): “No surprise, another absurdly amazing release from MEXA. Loving that this is a compilation of various artists, it really showcases the range of styles and tells the story of what vibe MEXA embodies … deep, dark, and straight up sexy. To pick a favorite off the album is pretty much impossible, they’re all so sinfully divine and true to that emblematic MEXA style.”

Noir: “The Betoko track sounds pretty dope and special.”

Olliver Mach: “Amazing compilation … Full support !!! Loved many tracks will play 4 sure !!!”

Piek: “A lot of great jams here. Thanks”

Robbie Akbal: Really nice compilation here!! big tracks..full support”

Sean Roman: “Strong sampler, hard to narrow down what my fav is as they are all bangers! Loving “Devil’s Thoughts” sultry sleazy goodness….”